Easy 2 Chord Strumming: D Major to D Minor

It's wonderful to know how to form major and minor chords on the guitar. However, if you want to play lots of songs, you'll need to practice joining chords together.

Guitar chords are formed from multiple notes on the fretboard. I like to think of a chord as a word and if you combine multiple chords together, you'll form a musical phrase or sentence. If you have a strong command over your chord knowledge, or words in a language, it will become much easier to communicate with others.

Today's lesson is an easy strumming exercise between D Major and D Minor on the guitar. These are the basic building blocks for playing guitar, but it's important to really know these chords well before moving onto more advanced topics.

Take your time with this exercise and focus on moving easily between both chords.

Practice just a little every day and in no time, you'll have these chords down!

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