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MARTY UPDATE - Marty is no longer making new guitar instruction videos for GuitarJamz. He is creating terrific new lessons and content with along with a new YouTube channel.

Desi Serna and

Another fantastic guitar instructor is Desi Serna! If you want to move past the beginner phase of playing guitar, Desi has created a wonderful series of DVDs that can help you learn to truly understand guitar theory and how to play notes and chords all over the guitar fretboard!

* Note: All of Desi's material come with a Money-back guarantee and free e-mail support with all orders.

Desi Serna's DVD's and Written Material:

Fretboard Theory Volume I
Fretboard Theory Volume II
Getting Started with the Pentatonic Scale
CAGED Template Chord System
Guitar Chord Progressions & Playing By Numbers
Guitar Modes – The Modal Scales of Popular Music
Guitar Theory For Dummies
How to Make Money Teaching Guitar

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