Review of Marty Schwartz's Music Theory Survival Guide DVD set

Today I will be reviewing Marty Schwartz's Music Theory Survival Guide 4-DVD set from I first was introduced to Marty through his YouTube channel, where he offers hours and hours of free video instruction. With millions of views online, he is one of the most popular guitar teachers on the web, and has a wonderful gift of taking complex topics and making them easy and fun to understand.

With this in mind, Marty has taken his knowledge and practical application of music theory and has developed a guide to helping you learn the essentials. This information will allow you to obtain a deeper understanding of the guitar fretboard and how to apply it's magic to your own playing!

Benefits of Music Theory:

When I started playing guitar, I had no idea about music theory. I would memorize the open major and minor chords and practice some famous riffs, but I didn't really understand why certain sounds or scales worked well together. Marty starts at the basics of music theory by introducing the concept of intervals - the distance between notes on the guitar. He then goes on to show how you can build chords from these intervals and gives you the formulas for major, minor and 7th chords. This is powerful information, especially if you are already comfortable with strumming these chords, but want to achieve a deeper understanding of the fretboard and how to build your chords all of the guitar neck.

Once you know these formula's for building chords, it's also really important to understand how to determine a song's key and the chords that included in a key's family. Marty gives lots of examples and opportunities for practicing these concepts. It's nice to be able to rewind a lesson and watch these DVD sets over and over again, especially if you don't understand something the first time around. I think the topic of music theory can be very confusing, however, there are some fundamental building blocks to learn that will make additional information easier to understand. So, at my current skill level, this Music Theory DVD set is definitely one that I will be revisiting again and again over time.

Playing Guitar By Numbers:

Through the use of a song's key and understanding the major and minor chords, Marty uses the Nashville Number System to show examples of how to play popular progressions such as [1 4 5] and [1 5 6 4]. So many great songs use these progressions and the concepts taught with Marty's Music Theory Survival Guide can help to fast track your understanding of it! Combining a song's key with the number system is an easy way to learn and play your favorite songs in a short period of time. In my opinion, this is very powerful information to learn and incorporate into your playing.

Marty also covers modes, popular scales such as the Major and Pentatonic, as well as Solo Theory in this 4-DVD set. He goes over lots of scale examples and cool tricks to use with progressions. There is definitely lots of music theory gems packed into these DVD's. However, one area that was difficult for me to understand was the guitar modes section, where you can shift the tonal center of a song. These modes discussed are Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian and Aeolian. Modes are a more advanced technique and I plan to spend more time in the future going back to these specific lessons in this DVD set.


If you plan on playing guitar for years to come and want to become a better player through applying music theory, then I highly recommend Marty's Music Theory Survival Guide DVD set. It may take some place to fully understand all of this information, but with continued practice, I think it will help you to figure out what to focus on to become a more skilled guitarist. Understanding music theory has made me a much better guitar player and Marty has created a fun and relaxed approach to learning this material!

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