Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern 2 of 5

Today, we'll explore the 2nd pattern for the Minor Pentatonic Scale. Click here to see the 1st pattern. The Minor Pentatonic scale is used for all sorts of guitar licks and riffs. It's also a great way to play along with your favorite songs, assuming you're using right key and that the song fits well with the Minor Pentatonic (as compared to other scales out there). Some of the great blues licks have been created from the above scale.

This patterns fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, so once you have the first pattern memorized, continue along with this one. Focus on the shape of this pattern. You can start it anywhere on the guitar fretboard. Take it slow and go forward and backward with this 2nd pattern.

Do you use the Minor Pentatonic scales in your guitar playing? Do you have any advice for beginner guitarists? Please share your feedback below with us!

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