Minor Pentatonic Scale Pattern 1 of 5

Understanding the Minor Pentatonic scale is really important if you want to create your own licks and riffs on the guitar. When viewing the above image, focus on the pattern shape. You can slide this complete pattern shape over to any fret you like, however it may be easier to start it on the first fret initially. If you begin this pattern on the 1st fret you will be playing the F Minor Pentatonic scale. And moving this entire shape up one fret would mean that you are now playing an F# Minor Pentatonic scale.

There are five connecting patterns for the Minor Pentatonic scale and you will want to commit all of them to memory. Over the next five days, I will be teaching you each of the patterns. This first pattern is typically used most frequently by guitarists.

Take it slow and try to have each note sound clean on the guitar. Also, try playing this scale pattern forwards and backwards.

Do you use the Minor Pentatonic scales in your guitar playing? Do you have any advice for beginner guitarists? Please share your feedback below with us!

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