Putting Your Guitar Knowledge to Use

When I first started learning how to play the guitar, I didn't really understand what I should focus on. Some of my friends recommended that I learn guitar chords. So, I bought various chord books that were stuffed with thousands of different chord positions. I wondered which ones were the best to learn and why there were so many in one book.

Other guitarists said I should learn tablature, scales and strumming patterns. So, again, I went out and bought comprehensive "ultimate guide" types of guitar books. Unfortunately, they often contained too much information and it was hard for me to really understand the flow of the material, especially as a complete beginner.

Along my guitar journey, I've realized that it's great to build up your musical knowledge, but it's even more important to put this information to use in order to create and play songs! That's where I've found my most fulfillment and joy. For me, it appears when I use what I've learned to play a favorite song or to create something brand new.

So, my advice for beginner guitarists is to think about why you picked up a guitar in the first place. If you're anything like me, it was probably because you had a song or two that you really wanted to play. Once you have the core information needed to play a song (start with the simple ones!), practice it slowly in small sections and put what you've learned to good use. If you're just working on random guitar exercises, you may not be inclined to stay with the it over the long-term and reap the amazing benefits of finally playing the music you love.

Learn the basics, put it into consistent action, and play songs you enjoy! Take it slow and enjoy the process. Awaken your guitar knowledge through your songs and have fun!

Do you struggle with information overload for the guitar? Have you been able to find joy in using your knowledge to play songs? Please share your feedback with us.

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