How YouTube Can Help You Learn Guitar!

When I first started playing guitar in 1998, YouTube was not in existence. The site was created on Valentine's Day in 2005, and now is home to an incredible amount of free content. Here are a few statistics (as of 2/17/15) that you may find interesting about the service:
  • There are over 1 Billion users on YouTube
  • Every minute, there are over 300 hours of video uploaded
  • Hundreds of millions of hours worth of videos are watched every day, generating billions of views

So how can YouTube help you improve on the guitar?
  • Almost any popular song you can think of is available on YouTube. Just type it into the search box and most likely you'll find it!
  • Type into YouTube the name of the song plus "lesson" or "tutorial" and find a great teacher who can show you how to play it through a video. My all-time top favorite online guitar instructors are Marty Schwartz and Justin Sandercoe.
  • You can create a custom playlist for songs or tutorials that you want to learn and then have this list accessible anywhere in the world with an internet connection!
    • Pick easy songs to start with, practice daily if possible, and you will soon be able to play complete songs all the way through.
    • For an added bonus, take your guitar and shuffle your custom playlist to help reinforce what you are learning. 
  • Subscribe to FoundMyPassion on YouTube and receive updates whenever I add new video lessons.
  • Create your own YouTube channel and upload yourself playing a song to share with others. It's a great way to receive feedback and also document your progress over time.

Next time you're on YouTube, think about how you can use this amazing resource to help you become a terrific guitar player. Every day vast amounts of new content is uploaded and I believe it's an outstanding way to learn guitar, or almost anything else you can think of!

One more thought...  Just remember to find quality content or instruction. I always like to look at the view count and number of thumbs up or down to help gauge a video. If thousands or millions of people like a video, chances are it can benefit you too. However, it's up to you to explore and discover content that resonates best for you.

How often do you use YouTube to play guitar? Are there other tips you can suggest for getting the most of of learning guitar on YouTube? Please share your feedback with us below!

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