How to Play F7 on the Guitar (Free Video Lesson)

F7 is one of those difficult chords to really get down as a beginner. Often, a guitarist will play a full barre F7 chord starting on the 1st fret. However, it's definitely a challenge for a beginner to play a clean sounding barre chord in general, and especially on the first few frets!

My suggestion is to try playing F7 on the 3rd fret of the guitar. You won't need to barre the chord and you only need to use the first four strings. It's an easier solution and can definitely help you build up your confidence as a beginner.

How to Play F7 on the Guitar: 
  • Place Your Left Index Finger on the 4th String, 3rd Fret
  • Place Your Left Middle Finger on the 2nd String, 4th Fret
  • Place Your Left Ring Finger on the 3rd String, 5th Fret
  • Placer Your Left Pinky Finger on the 1st String, 5th Fret
  • Strings 6 and 5 are not used in this F7 Chord

Note: The above video I created says "Partial Barre" on the top-right side, but this is not correct. For this to be a partial barre chord, one finger would need to cover two or more frets, but this is not the case. In this version of F7, each finger used only covers one fret at a time.

Keep in mind, as with other guitar chords, you can play an F7 chord all over the guitar fretboard! There are lots of other ways to play it, but I think this is a great position to start with as a beginner.

Have you ever used this version of F7? What has been your experience with playing a full barre chord of F7? Please share your feedback with us!

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