How to Play C7 Chord on Guitar (Free Video Lesson)

Most beginner guitarists start by learning some basic chords such as G Major or E Minor. One of the advantages of playing on the fretboard (or guitar neck) is that sometimes a new chord can be formed simply by adding or removing one finger. That's exactly the case when it comes to learning the C7 chord.

Start with a C Major chord and then simply add your pinky to the 3rd string (the G string) on the 3rd fret and it instantly becomes a C7!  Check it out and practice with the below video.

How to Play C7 on the Guitar (Open Position):
  • Place Your Left Index Finger on the 2nd String, 1st Fret
  • Place Your Left Middle Finger on the 4th String, 2nd Fret
  • Place Your Left Ring Finger on the 5th String, 3rd Fret
  • Place Your Left Pinky Finger on the 3rd String, 3rd Fret
  • String 1 is used in this C7 Chord, but is not fretted - it is called an open string
  • String 6 is not used in this C7 Chord

C7 has a "jazzy" or "bluesy" sound and is a great chord to have in your guitar toolkit! As you learn more songs, you'll notice the 7th chords appear along the way.

Did you find it easy to play a C7? What songs do you like to play that use a C7? Please leave a comment and share your feedback with us!

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