How to play A Minor on the Guitar (Open Position)

So many songs on the guitar use Major and Minor chords! For those who are new to playing, I'd like to introduce you to the A Minor chord, a very popular and important chord to practice.

How to play an A Minor chord:
* Place Your Left Index Finger on the 2nd String, 1st Fret
* Place Your Left Middle Finger on the 4th String, 2nd Fret
* Place Your Left Ring Finger on the 3rd String, 2nd Fret
* Strings 5 and 1 are used this A Minor Chord, but are not fretted - they are called open strings
* String 6 is not used in this A Minor Chord

Guitar chords you can play that go well with A Minor:
G Major, B Minor, C Major, D Major, and E Minor

See if you can create a song by mixing up the above chords in different ways!

Also, remember that there are many different ways to play A Minor on the guitar.  This is a introductory version of A Minor in open position, used often, especially for beginners.

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