How to Play F Major on the Guitar (for beginners)

There are many different ways to play an F chord on the guitar.  However, below is an easy first F chord for beginners.  Take your time with it and focus each string (1 through 4) sounding clean.  With pratice you'll get it!

How to play a F Major chord (for beginners):
* Place Your Left Index Finger  between the 2nd and 1st Strings, 1st Fret
* Place Your Left Middle Finger on the 3rd String, 2nd Fret
* Place Your Left Ring Finger on the 4th String, 3rd Fret
* Strings 6 and 5 are not used in this version of F Major, but can be used in the full F Major Barre Chord
Chords you can play that go well with F Major:
G Minor, A Minor, Bb, C Major, D Minor

Mix up the above chords in any order and they will all sound great together!

Have fun playing!

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