Review of Acoustic Blues 5-DVD Set from Marty Schwartz and GuitarJamz

Acoustic Blues 5-DVD Set Review
Instructor - Marty Schwartz
Website -

Pros - Learned lots of new blues techniques - Land of E7 (and refresher on the Land of A7), use of open strings of acoustic blues, how to practice scales in triplets, alternate ways to play chords on the fretboard, Open D tuning examples, Open G tuning examples, exercises with Drop D tuning, practicing licks in another key, Marty takes his time to slowly go over great sounding blues licks, then works on speeding it up, blues fingerpicking, slide guitar basics using a different tuning, fun exercises with playing octaves, turnaround licks, double stops, lots of additional jam tracks to practice these techniques, additional DVD's (Mustang Sally and Country Guitar Lessons) and other bonus materials.

Cons - it took many attempts for one of the DVD's in the set to play on my laptop, a small number of  videos looked like they came from a different source (perhaps Marty's YouTube channel), but the content was still very good.

I purchased Marty's Acoustic Blues 5-DVD Set through my Guitar Coaching Club membership. With this membership, comes a TON of DVD's and CD's, so unfortunately, it took me a couple of years to finally go through this set. However, my timing worked out OK as I am now starting to get more into riffs and licks, versus general guitar chords, strumming and theory.

Lots of great information is packed into this DVD set! Marty has his friends Tony Bruco and Ben Powell help with teaching some of the content. However, the vast majority of lessons are with Marty and I definitely prefer his teaching style - he takes lots of time to slow things down and makes the learning process fun. Marty also has a great sense of humor in this set.

Overall, my experience with the Acoustic Blues DVD set was terrific and I really enjoyed learning so many new techniques to help with my playing. From a guitar music theory perspective, it was interesting to see how most of the blues licks presented fit into the pentatonic scale (major/minor) and also seeing how the same licks can be played in different parts of the guitar neck. Some of the bends were a little tricky for me, but with practice and time, I think they will be great additions to incorporate into my playing.

If anyone has any questions about Marty's Acoustic Blues set, leave a comment to my review and I'll get back to you.

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