What is the ONE Thing you need help with on guitar?

I recently finished reading a wonderful book called "The ONE Thing" by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. It talks about identifying and focusing on your ONE Thing that will make all the difference for a given area of your life. Think BIG and focus on small daily habits.

The authors have an excellent question for you to ponder: "What is the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will become easier or unnecessary?" They give the example of dominos and how one small habit change can knock down all the other dominos if you line it up correctly. I think this is a brilliant question to ask and you can use it for all different parts of your life, including playing guitar! Use the Rule of 80/20 to help you focus on what's important. Over 80% of your results can come from only 20% of your activities. I believe in it so much, I helped to create guitar courses around this powerful principle. Use the powerful Rule of 80/20 to help you identify your ONE thing.

So my question for the readers of FMP is "What is the ONE Thing you need help with on guitar?".  If you successfully answer this question, will it make everything else much easier or unnecessary for you as time goes on? What do you really need help with at this time? What's your ONE Thing?

I'd love to read your responses below and help you to improve, if possible, on your guitar journey. Please share you answers with us below and I hope you take inspired actions, even small ones daily, to move you in the right direction towards success with playing the guitar!

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