Awesome Chord: G7sus4 [3 5 3 5 3 3]

If you're comfortable with barre chords and want to play something a little different, try out the G7sus4 chord! The suspended (or sus) chords have a unresolved sound and, often, guitarists will find another chord to play right after it to allow for a resolution.

How to Play G7sus4:
  • Barre Your Left Index Finger across Strings 1 through 6 on the 3rd Fret
  • Place Your Left Ring Finger on the 5th String, 5th Fret
  • Place Your Left Pinky on the 3rd String, 5th Fret

As with many of the other awesome chords I've covered in the past, this shape can be moved up and down the fretboard. My suggestion is to experiment with this sound and see if you can find some other chords that go well with it.

What do you find goes well with suspended chords? Do you have any other awesome chords you can share with us? Please leave share your feedback with us!

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