How to Play B7 on the Guitar (Free Video Lesson)

B7 is a great beginner chord to learn on the guitar, as it only uses only notes on the first and second frets as well as an open B string. It's also a great way to practice a "jazzy" or "bluesy" sound and also gives your index, middle, ring and pinky fingers a good workout.

If you are comfortable playing only major and minor chords on the guitar, then explore a whole new sound by learning 7th chords!

How to Play B7 on the Guitar: 

Place Your Left Index Finger on the 4th String, 1st Fret
Place Your Left Middle Finger on the 5th String, 2nd Fret
Place Your Left Ring Finger on the 3rd String, 2nd Fret
Placer Your Left Pinky Finger on the 1st String, 2nd Fret
String 2 is used in this B7 Chord,
but is not fretted - it is called an open string
String 6 is not used in this B7 Chord

There are many different ways to play B7 on the guitar, but this is the most common one for beginner guitarists. Once you get comfortable with this version of B7, see if you can discover other places on the fretboard to make this sound.

What songs do you enjoy playing that use a B7? Is this an easy chord for you to play? Share your comments below!

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