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The folks over at The Dragon's Heart in Texas recently sent me a couple of their unique high-quality guitar picks to check out. In the past, I've selected pretty inexpensive picks from Dunlop or Fender and haven't really thought too much about what I use. However, I tend to like the sound I hear from a light or medium thickness when playing my acoustic guitars. I also enjoy fingerpicking and strumming my guitar by hand, so it was a nice change to experiment with some new guitar pick shapes and sizes.

Below is a short video from the company:

What's different about Dragon's Heart Picks?

One of the main things that stood out about these guitar picks is their unique shape. They have three playing edges that can be used, offering a very distinctive approach. From their website, The Dragon's Heart mention that their picks off the following benefits:
  • The primary lower edge offers the greatest balance between speed and attack.
  • The sharp right upper lobe offers a very aggressive attack while maintaining speed and consistency.
  • The rounded left upper lobe was designed with fast strumming and harmonics in mind.
Another unique aspect of these picks is the weight and material used. The company tested various options and decided to go with polyamide-imide which they feel works best for optimum performance. Currently, they offer three versions of their picks: original, pure and hardened.

Initial Impressions:

I found the picks to be very comfortable to hold and it was easy to tell that lots of craftmanship has gone into making these picks. However, they are not cheap. At around $9 each, they are definitely pricey compared to your standard pick, so you definitely won't want to lose one of these!

My favorite acoustic guitar currently has steel strings on it and it was interesting to hear differences in sound based on what playing edge I used. In some positions, I heard a little "scratchier" tone with the pick, which can be a positive or negative depending on your preference. However, I'm also comparing these sounds to some of the basic picks I've used over many years.

Overall, it's a cool concept and I like the overall craftsmanship of Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks. It's nice to see innovations with guitar picks and definitely worthwhile to check them out if you're looking for a luxury upgrade from a basic guitar pick.

Have you used Dragon's Heart Guitar Picks?  Feel free to share any feedback with our readers!

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