Review of Monster Grips - Silicon Grips for your Guitar Picks

Just a few weeks ago, I was playing guitar and practicing with one of my guitar picks. I was having fun with fingerpicking on the guitar, but wanted to change up my sound and spend more time with a pick. As I played, I noticed that my pick often would slowly start to shift directions ever so slightly depending on my strumming, ultimately causing me to lose my grip.  I was a bit frustrated and got some scotch tape from my kitchen, rolled it up into a circle (with the sticky part facing outward) and placed it between my thumb and the guitar pick to try and keep things steady as I played through my some of my favorite songs. This "mini-MacGyver" solution worked for a little bit, but it didn't really help me to achieve a consistent solid grip.

So, it was pretty cool to recently receive a message on my blog from Andrew Federico Jr., founder of Monster Grips! He has come up with a new type of thin pick grip that is non-sticky, helping guitar players to get a better grip on their picks. His company has developed a great way to apply a small circular adhesive that goes directly on your guitar pick. In addition to helping keep your guitar pick steady, it also lightly sticks onto the guitar body, allowing you to easily access it when needed.

Monster Grips recently launched a Kickstarter campaign with a goal of raising $5000 in order to help with full-scale production efforts.
1/16/14 UPDATE: Big congratulations to Monster Grips for raising enough funds through Kickstarter to move forward with their product!

Andrew was able to send me some sample Monster Grips to test out and so far, I've been really impressed with his product! I definitely feel that my grip is much more sturdy when applying this small circular adhesive onto my guitar pick. Here's a close-up picture of using it with one of my standard size picks.

In addition to guitar picks, these grips can be used for effects pedals, microphones, brass instruments, woodwinds and lots of items where you need to "Get a Grip"!  (Maybe Aerosmith can be a future promoter?).

Thanks to Andrew for sending me some samples and make sure to visit his Kickstarter page and website for additional details and updates.

Overall, I'm a fan of Monster Grips and think it's a very cool and useful product, especially for guitarists. I hope to see it offered for sale online and in music stores in the near future!

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