Review of Marty Schwartz's Beginner Acoustic Easy Guitar Songs Volume 1, 2 and 3 DVD's

I really love Marty Schwartz's teaching style and I'm delighted to review his Beginner Acoustic Easy Guitar Songs Volume 1, 2 and 3 DVD's.  They are offered as a bundle set from and it's a great way for beginners to learn how to play and create great sounding songs. As with the free material he has on YouTube, Marty continues to use his gift for teaching, talent, and humor on this terrific set of easy beginner songs!

In this 3 DVD set, Marty has almost 4 hours of guitar instruction and covers a variety of different song styles and rhythms. All of the instruction is shown with an acoustic guitar, although almost all of the information is applicable to electric guitar players too.

I received these DVD's as part of Marty's Guitar Coaching Club (which he will occasionally re-open for membership), and received all of his DVD's by mail.

Who is this 3 DVD set for?

If you have been playing guitar for years, but have struggled to make significant improvement, then I think these DVD's will help you to gain more confidence. Marty shows you many of the popular open position chords (covering many different major, minor and 7th chords) and how to use these chords in popular progressions.  It was really interesting (and motivating to me!) when I listened to these basic chords played in a different order with a different rhythms, and how they come together to create cool sounding songs. I could easily recognize, and learn to play, songs from Guns N Roses, Jack Johnson, Neil Young, the Indigo Girls and others famous musicians just by practicing along with Marty.

He doesn't name specific songs he is covering, when you hear them, most likely it will sound instantly familiar.  I love that you can rewind and practice along with these DVD's! Especially when it comes to strumming patterns, I find that I need to practice these over and over until it becomes automatic, and with this DVD set, Marty teaches some of the most common strumming patterns used in popular songs out there today. He calls out the down strums and up strums and gives you plenty of time to practice along with him. Sometimes, he will do the strumming pattern and then have you follow him, which I think is a very effective technique.

In addition to all of these great songs and chord progressions, I thought this DVD gave additional value with the following benefits:

  • showing you variations in chord shapes (for example, different ways to play a G Major chord)
  • camera close-ups to show you exactly where to place your fingers on the fretboard
  • covers some very basic music theory concepts
  • gives some examples using hammer-on's and pull-off's (great techniques once you have the beginner material down)
  • using a guitar capo with songs
  • basics of sharp and flat notes
  • a tiny bit on guitar harmonics (which I think is an awesome effect!) 

As usual, Marty has a terrific sense of humor in this Easy Guitar Songs DVD set!  I think he is one of the best guitar teachers out there and makes learning the guitar so much fun. I really enjoyed playing and learning with these DVD's.

The only negative that I found from this 3 DVD set is that sometimes these discs did not immediately play on my computer.  Eventually they all did play, but it was a little frustrating to put some of my DVD's into the computer multiple times before the main menu appeared.

Other than that, I really enjoyed practicing along with Marty on these Beginner DVD's as well as learning new chord progressions and techniques.  If you are new to guitar, or looking to improve your guitar skills, I think this is a great beginner package, chocked full of great information.

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  1. I TOO ORDERED THAT SAME SET YOU DID WITH THE LIFE TIME COACHING CLUB MEMBERSHIP, BUT I NEVER GOT THE MUSIC THEORY DVDS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO COME WITH THE SET! Also I never get any other content sent directly to my email! I know about the great gaurentee but who or how do i get in touch with marty or whoever to get my missing dvds ? also i tried getting into coaching club a couple times & had trouble getting in there so i just said forget this! do you have a link or a way i can email this to marty ?

  2. Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear that your Music Theory DVD set did not arrive. I would suggest e-mailing GuitarJamz customer service at or calling 1 866-914-1811. If you still need assistance, feel free to e-mail me directly and I can also try to help on my side. All the best, Josh