Review of Marty Schwartz's Beginner Acoustic Easy Guitar Songs Volume 1, 2 and 3 DVD's

MARTY UPDATE - Marty is no longer making new guitar instruction videos for GuitarJamz. He is creating terrific new lessons and content with along with a new YouTube channel.


  1. I TOO ORDERED THAT SAME SET YOU DID WITH THE LIFE TIME COACHING CLUB MEMBERSHIP, BUT I NEVER GOT THE MUSIC THEORY DVDS THAT WERE SUPPOSED TO COME WITH THE SET! Also I never get any other content sent directly to my email! I know about the great gaurentee but who or how do i get in touch with marty or whoever to get my missing dvds ? also i tried getting into coaching club a couple times & had trouble getting in there so i just said forget this! do you have a link or a way i can email this to marty ?

  2. Thanks for your comment and sorry to hear that your Music Theory DVD set did not arrive. I would suggest e-mailing GuitarJamz customer service at or calling 1 866-914-1811. If you still need assistance, feel free to e-mail me directly and I can also try to help on my side. All the best, Josh